Submission guidelines:
Authors are invited to submit papers (maximum 8 pages – minimum 4 pages). Papers must be formatted for A4 size paper. The text must be formatted in a two-column layout.
Download the conference template paper: ICC-CS 2015 template (word version)
The paper submission via EasyChair.

All accepted papers in ICC-CS’15 will be published in a special issue by the Mediterranean Telecommunication Journal.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Cybercrimes: evolution, new trends and detection
  • Cybercrime related investigations
  • Computer and network forensics
  • Digital forensics tools and applications
  • Digital forensics case studies and best practices
  • Privacy issues in digital forensics
  • Network traffic analysis, traceback and attribution
  • Incident response, investigation and evidence handling
  • Integrity of digital evidence and live investigations
  • Identification, authentication and collection of digital evidence
  • Anti-forensic techniques and methods
  • Watermarking and intellectual property theft
  • Social networking forensics
  • Network anomalies detection
  • Novel applications of information hiding in networks
  • Political and business issues related to digital forensics and anti-forensic techniques
  • Cybersecurity and laws of Morocco and other countries
  • Data protection
  • Privacy concerns on cyberspace
  • Crimes on social media
  • Protection of children and women on cyberspace
  • Investigation of cybercrimes– issues and concerns
  • Judiciary on cybersecurity
  • Laws and concerns in relation to any -Selected/ Specific forms of cybercrimes
  • E-security in banking system
  • E-Commerce and cybersecurity concerns
  • E-Governance and cybersecurity concerns